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Marks & Associates' Policies

At Marks & Associates, P.C. we take pride in our reputation for prompt, cost-effective service, consistent quality and extensive knowledge of the legal aspects of equipment finance. Our policies have been designed to reflect a simple philosophy: We are in the service business and our clients have many choices when it comes to legal representation. It is our job to furnish our clients with practical, business-oriented solutions and advice. We not only spot problems, we address them using the judgment and creativity that come only from experience.

A lawyer's time and advice are his stock in trade.

– Abraham Lincoln

Marks & Associates P.C. is "in the business to do businesses" and to that end have adopted the following policies:

  • We bill monthly unless by special arrangement.
  • We try to be flexible in our billing programs. Generally, we welcome flat-fee billing where drafting or other services do not rely on other parties' efficiencies.
  • We use every effort to keep to fee estimates and notify our clients in advance if it appears that billings will exceed a firm estimate.
  • We do not "nickel and dime" clients for services that require little time, effort or expertise. Where computer research is involved, we do not use the billing as a profit center.
  • We expect payment within 30 days except by agreement. We are a business, too.
  • We require a modest deposit for new clients.
  • We prioritize work based on client need, not client size.
  • We are candid in our appraisals of risk and situation and we quantify risk if possible.
  • Our lawyers are available 24/7, when actual need arises.  If our client is working late, on weekends or holidays, so are we.
  • We strive to be prompt and courteous and expect the same from our clients.
  • We make every effort to avoid duplication and waste of time to minimize our client's cost.

Our clients do not hire a single lawyer, they hire the entire firm with every effort being made to use the least expensive lawyers capable of performing routine tasks while having the most experienced available as needed.

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At Marks & Associates, P.C. provide counsel for clients across the country. To speak with attorney, contact us online or call 205.251.8301.